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Review: Pivot Point by Kasie West

Pivot Point - Kasie West

I think we can all agree on the fact that there's very little originality to the YA Paranormal Romance genre as of lately. Release after release, it seems we are being fed the same recycled concepts, the same overused plots and protagonists, and, more annoyingly still, the same romance over and over. When I first read of Pivot Point, I knew originality would definitely not be an issue. But could a debut author manage to make such an ambitious and complicated concept work? The answer, I am glad to say, is hell yeah.

This novel takes familiar concepts, like supernatural abilities, societies dedicated to their development and the secrecy of a whole community, and presents them in a new way through the narration of a particular girl with attitude, spunk, intelligence, her own standards and ideals and an amazing concept of self-worth that puts to shame all of today's most revered YA heroines. Seeing this new and strange world through Abbie's eyes was nothing short of exciting, incredibly engaging and endlessly fascinating. Her genuine, honest and realistic voice was very easy to get invested in. Her pain was real, all of her emotions relatable and her actions always admirable. I was rooting for this girl from the get-go and she did not disappoint. Her relationships with the characters around her were so well-constructed and completely realistic. There's a lot of depth to this character and that, in turn, adds a whole lot of profundity to the situation that takes center stage in the plot.

The rest of the characters were rounded and well-developed, but there was a little lack of development when it came to the parents and those who were not immediately related to the love triangle. But the two love interests were nicely fleshed-out. I had a soft-spot for one of them in particular - (the other I severely disliked) - but all this simply points to the wonderful characterization that West gave to her characters. And finally! A love triangle that is not annoying and actually serves a purpose! The romantic involvement between the characters was smartly developed and actually contributed greatly to the plot and the character development. The romance progressed realistically, no insta-love here, which was amazing. My only qualm with the romance is that it dominated the plot almost entirely. The climax was a little to abrupt because the novel greatly focuses on the romance for the better part and the moving plot of the novel doesn't come into play for real until almost the end. Still, Pivot Point has mystery, intrigue, action, humor and clever and nicely executed plot twists from beginning to end. I won't elaborate to avoid spoilers, but getting to experience two realities at the same time was as amazing in execution as it sounds as a concept, at least in this novel, and that ending will undoubtedly leave you breathless.

This novel is engaging, original and very easy to get lost in. Addie is one of the most likable protagonists I've read about in quite a while and the romance in this one was truly heartbreaking. This is one fantastic and well-executed novel, with a smart plot, great characterization, tension, fast-pace and a great construction of a world with a supernatural possibility. I definitely recommend this novel and I simply cannot wait for the sequel.